Secret Free Web Software [Make Your Life Easier]

Free Chome Extensions

Set up your Chrome compatible browser (Chrome, Brave, Edge) for web development.

  • Grepper – Adds coding answers to search results
  • Clear Cache – Adds a simple button to clear the cache while you reload/test.
  • Grammarly – Checks web page input for correct spelling and grammar.
  • Codexplainer AI (beta) – Select code for auto analysis and explanation.
  • JSON Formatter – auto format JSON data for readability

Free Web Software For Your Computer

  • VS Code – popular source code editor
  • Sublime Text – an alternative IDE
  • Postman – indespensible API testing tool
  • BBEdit – plain text app with advanced features
  • Cyberduck – FTP app for uploading files to an external server
  • iTerm2 – alternative to Mac terminal
  • Sequel Ace – MySQL/MariaDB database management
  • Site Sucker – web scraping app

Free Web-Based Software

  • Google Docs – Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) alternative
  • Photopea – amazing Adobe Photoshop alternative

Free Web Services

  • MailChimp – free newsletters up to 10,000 email sends per month
  • Google Forms – quickly gather data/inputs via a web form

Free Analysis Tools

Free VS Code Extensions

  • Tabnine – AI based code completion

Free Server Virtualization

  • Docker – virtualization for local testing and prod deployment
  • Vagrant – mirror production environments on your local computer

Free Web Content

  • Google Fonts – free fonts for use in design and websites
  • Pixabay – free stock photography
  • Pexels – free stock photos and video
  • Mixkit – free stock video, music, and templates
  • Chosic – free background music for videos

Free Web Education

Free Online Code Sandboxes

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